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The team responsible for label design needed a single source of reliable information to develop their artwork and make it available to bottlers, reducing work times and errors.
We design and develop a digital platform where label data is collected from a single source, and then uploaded, updated, deleted and distributed to each bottlerIn this platform they can check the historical updates and the necessary details to put them into production in an easy and error-free way.
Lean ux canvas

It was critical that the experience be personalized for each stakeholder. The goal was to provide a tool to get the right information, in the easiest way possible.By implementing a visual hierarchy and product comparison overlay, we provide users with a tool to decide their own hierarchy of tags, saving them the hassle of switching between tag detail pages.This platform reduced the error rate in the label design process, improved the area's performance and defined a single official communication channel between the team and its internal clients.

PECOM smart container
task manager & smart container
As a longtime player in the oilfield logistics industry, Pecom Energía is driving the field forward with technology that transforms the way they plan and track their work.

Pecom Energía requires the implementation of a new planning and monitoring system for the collection of hazardous waste. The system should provide a command and control panel for the planning area and a tracking application for the truck drivers.
Leveraging minimal design and gamification to engage the use of the app
Elevating physical tasks with minimal design.Drivers have to complete multiple tasks by going to multiple locations, throughout the workday. To optimize the flow of the trip, we developed a mobile application considering the use cases, focused on the interactions and situations that drivers must carry out.We break tasks down into smaller, controllable actions, to give the driver a clear indication of their next steps on the journey. For the design we also consider the environmental situation, where drivers must interact in complex situations, while driving, in low light and without internet connection.

BASF field
basf - creating digital chemistry
BASF is a global brand with a presence in a broad type of industry. Its mission is to empower products throughout technology.

BASF challenged us to transform their customer experience in the agrochemicals vertical by developing an evolving digital platform to track commercial and financial interaction.
To improve the customer experience, we designed a family of digital tools that facilitate bureaucracy and interactions with the company, creating a single digital contact point.
Mi Basf app
We achieve this by atomically decomposing the tasks, classifying and ordering them so that they coexist in an orderly fashion with each other.We've already built eight different apps, all converging on a single login page to give customers access to the most important information. Customers can now autonomously manage their account with BASF, reducing support costs and at the same time improving the customer experience.

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